Electric Compressor Motor

compressor motorIn various places around the globe a debate is raging. People are all weighing in on whether certain hobbies actually qualify as a sport. The truth of the matter is that if you have a hobby that you love doing, you don't necessarily care about whether it qualifies as a sport or not. You're engaged in the activity because you love it.

So, when you're out working out in your garden every day whether it is a sport or not you don't necessarily care whether it classifies as a sport or not you only care about the joy you get out of it. The digging in the dirt, the raking, the feel of the soil in your fingers, the tugging, the pulling all require a lot of energy.

Sometimes those difficult tasks can be made much easier with gardening equipment that uses electric compressor motors. These types of motors add power to any job without producing excess fumes like machines with gas-powered motors.

Tools with compressed air are often called pneumatic tools generally work faster, are lighter and more powerful than the gas-powered tools. So, when you are ready to purchase a garden tool using an electric compressed motor there are certain things you need to take into consideration before you buy.

First, will it do the job? - Even though compressor motors are more powerful than the gas powered engines it is still important to select one that has sufficient power to do the task. Overloading any type of motor could be dangerous. Make sure the motor has the capacity to do the job well.

Portability - Considering the fact that most gardens and yard work are done out of doors you want the motor to be able to move when you move and go where you go. With that in mind you don't want something that may be too heavy.

Portable engines come in a variety of sizes. You can find small ones that are light enough to strap on your back so that you can easily move from project to project. Consider getting something that is lightweight and oil free.

Most electric compressors that run on 2 horsepower or less generally run on the standard household voltage 110-120V. Anything over 2 horsepower will likely need to be run somewhere between 220-240 horsepower.

Either one of these types will run well in the house. Electric compressor motors are great for indoor jobs since they don't emit fumes. They are very safe and convenient for use in nearly every situation.

Consider tank size - You might at first believe that a tank is not necessary because you're using an electric tool and you would be right if you're thinking of a fuel tank. But because these units use compressed air there has to be an additional air tank to build up the compressed air. The compressor tank size will be a significant factor because it will determine how long you can run your motor for.

Think about what your task will be. If you will need to keep a continuous flow of air running to complete your job you might want to consider getting a compressor with a larger tank capacity. If your work will be done only intermittently then a smaller air tank will suffice.

Finally, take into consideration the type of pump you will need. There are two types of pumps for compression motors. The single stage has one or more cylinders producing air at one output pressure and the two-stage has two cylinders. The air has to pass through the two separate stages. The air that passes through the first stage is then fed into the second stage cylinder for additional compression allowing more air to be stored in the same tank. Your tools will run longer when you need it.

Getting the right features for your electric compressor motor really will depend on the type of work you are planning to do. All jobs are not the same and all motors are not made equal. When you need to get your work done, whether it is in the garden or in your outdoor yard electric compressor motors have been found to be safer, cleaner, and much more functional than fuel powered motors.

Following these guidelines when you are looking for motorized equipment for your work around the house will make your job even more enjoyable. It doesn't matter if you consider your gardening or yard work a sport or not. Having an electric compressor motor to get you through the task will make the project that much more enjoyable.

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